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Rainy weather.

Animal Crossing has weather effects just like in real life. Different weather patterns have different effects on the town.


Clear Skies: The sky is totally blue and cloudless. Seen all day (and night!) on the Summer Solstice.

Partly Cloudy: A few white clouds scattered across a deep blue sky.

Overcast (grey and cloudy): The clouds are a darker grey, and are thicker and more dense. This weather is common before or after rain, snow, or a rainstorm.

Rain: The sky is dark and the clouds are thick and grey. This weather will water plants to keep them from wilting, but they will not sparkle. Villagers outside will carry umbrellas with them. The background music features bells replacing one of the usual instruments.

Snow: During winter, it snows instead of raining. The background music features bells replacing one of the usual instruments.

Rainstorm: Rain, lightning, and thunder. The clouds and sky are a very dark grey. The rain will water flowers but they will not sparkle. Villagers carry umbrellas outside.

HNI 0054

After it rains, there's enough miracles there to blow your brains.

Rainbow: Rainbows can been seen when the sky has cleared after many hours of heavy rain or snowfall. The rainbow fills the sky, brightening as the hour progresses, until it peaks after thirty minutes. During a rainbow, the chances of finding 100 Bells in trees is increased. They appear towards the end of the day, but never at night.

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