Turnips / The Stalk Market.Edit

Joan appears in the player's town every Sunday. The player can buy turnips to sell for profit at Re-Tail.

Storing Turnips / Turnip SpoilingEdit

Turnips can be stored like any other item (personal storage, lockers etc.), but, turnips will spoil on 6AM on the next Sunday a week after you bought them. ANY instance of time travel will spoil any turnips in your possesion, and in all storage, so be VERY careful.

Selling TurnipsEdit

Turnips are sold at Re-Tail, where you can ask Reese what they are buying them for on that day. Prices for them vary hugely eg. 60 - 250 Bells per turnip. Of course, if you bought 100 turnips for 10,000 Bells, don't sell them for anything lower than 101 bells a turnip. You cannot sell turnips on Sunday, and can sell them up to when Re-Tail closes on Saturday night.