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Town Ordinances are like behavior profiles for the player's town. Once enacted, the town will follow the guidelines until a new ordinance is established. It costs 20,000 Bells to enact a new ordinance, and new ordinances will go into effect the following day. The mayor has four ordinances to choose from. 

Beautiful TownEdit

Beautiful Town
The Keep [Town] Beautiful ordinance keeps the town neat and tidy. This is for people who might not be able to maintain their town daily. The benefits are:
  • Villagers are more likely to plant and water flowers.
  • Time traveling does not affect the environment.
  • Flowers do not wilt.
  • Cockroaches do not appear.
  • Weeds appear less often.
  • Hybrid flowers are 20% more likely to spawn.

Early-Bird TownEdit

Early Bird
The Early Bird ordinance changes the town so it is more active earlier in the day. This is good for players who wake up earlier to play, or have other things to do during the day. The benefits are:
  • Villagers wake up earlier (hours vary)
  • Shops open three hours earlier.

Night-Owl TownEdit

Night Owl
The Night Owl ordinance changes the town so it is more active later at night. This is good for players who stay up late, or have other things to do earlier in the day. The benefits are:
  • Villagers stay up later (hours vary)
  • Shops close three hours later.

Wealthy TownEdit

Bell Boom
The Bell Boom ordinance changes the number of Bells items sell for, both in stores and when the player sells them. This is good for wealthier players. The benefits are:
  • Shops sell and buy items for 20% more.
  • Re-Tail's premium item list will always have two items listed.
  • The medals obtained on the Island increase.

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