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Time traveling (also known as TT'ing) involves setting the 3DS clock or the in-game clock to a different time in order to take advantage of time-specific events in New Leaf. This practice is sometimes considered a form of cheating, as it speeds up processes such as public works projects and other construction.


  • House expansions will be completed
  • Public works projects and shop upgrades/new shops will be completed (construction takes between 1 and 5 days depending on the nature of the build.)
  • Fast-forwarding or rewinding to a holiday or event like the Summer Solstice or New Year's Eve allows the player to play on days he/she might miss due to other obligations
  • Shops will restock their items

Side effectsEdit

Before time traveling, there are several things to take into consideration. Time traveling can have very prominent unwanted effects in the game.

  • If time traveling is done more than a day, flowers may wilt and die without someone to water them.
  • Every day the player time travels forward, more weeds will grow.
  • Time traveling forward multiple days in one go still only counts as one day for building project purposes. 
  • Villagers will move away faster.

    A player distressed about losing a prized villager and co-mayor.

  • The player will get bed head.
  • The mailbox will fill up.
  • Cockroaches will appear in the player's house.

Note: Many of these effects, esp. those lower on the list, will only happen if long periods of time are skipped.


These are some tips for the player if he/she wants to time travel

  • Any flowers that the player does not want to die should be kept inside his/her house or in a storage container like a closet.
  • The Beautiful Town ordinance will lessen the effects of wilting flowers and weeds, as well as deter cockroaches.
  • Any turnips in the player's possession will instantly rot upon time traveling backwards. The player can time travel forwards
  • It is recommended to change the 3DS clock, rather than the in-game clock. If the in-game clock is changed it will be out of sync with the 3DS clock. 

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