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Starting in Animal Crossing: New Leaf when a player chops down a tree with any axe type, the silver axe however having greater prevalence, there is a chance that the resulting stump may have a rare pattern instead of the usual tree rings. Some patterns are more rare than others. Using a shovel on special stumps will result in stump removal. Mushrooms may grow around these stumps year-round.

Broadleaf Tree StumpsEdit

Bellow are known special stumps for regular and fruit trees.

  • X

    Bee-stung female player reveals a Triforce special stump.

  • Butterfly
  • Heart
  • Citrus Fruit Cross-Section
  • Gink Leaf (Crazy Redd's logo)
  • Triforce (Allusion to Nintendo title "Legend of Zelda")  

Coniferous (Pine) Tree StumpsEdit

Bellow are known special stumps for pine trees.

  • Star
  • Flower
  • Cat Face
  • Clover (rare)
  • Musical Note (rare)
  • Leaf (Animal Crossing logo)

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