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A player celebrating the Autumn Moon.

September is the first of the autumn months. Getting away from the summer heat, a lot of bugs and fish no longer appear this month. The hum of cicadas will be replaced by crickets, and the lush green will slowly turn into a crisper, darker color.


  • Weeding Day (September 3) JPFlag - The Gardening Shop will be closed on this day. If the player pulled all the weeds in the  town before the holiday, Leif will award the player with a special topiary in the public works projects at the event plaza. If 30+ weeds are pulled in the town or another town, the player will be awarded with an exclusive item from Lief.
  • Labor Day (First Monday) USFlag - Celebrate social and economic achievements made by American workers on this day. Head over to the plaza to get a Picnic Basket from Isabelle.
  • Tanning Season (July 16 to September 15) - Head outside and soak in the sun! After a few hours, you might notice a difference in your complexion.
  • Autumn Moon (Closest full moon to the Autumnal Equinox) - Look to the sky and appreciate that glorious orb of rock orbiting our planet. Drop by the event plaza to get a Wheat Bundle from Isabelle. In the European version of the game, the player will be given a veggie basket. Koreans will get a Songpyeon. Japanese players will receive a Dango.
  • Bug-Off (Third Saturday) -  The host is Nat, a chameleon. He rates the bugs the player gives him based on size, rarity, color and luster. Smaller and duller bugs will net fewer points.



Italics signify new fish this month. Bold signifies fish that don't appear next month. This list exludes year-round fish.


Italics signify new bugs this month. Bold signifies bugs that don't appear next month. This list excludes year-round bugs.

Deep-Sea CreaturesEdit

Italics signify new  deep-sea creatures this month. Bold signifies  deep-sea creatures that don't appear next month. This list excludes year-round deep-sea creatures.

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