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Crazy Redd is reconisably a red fox, or a kitsune () in Japanese folk lore, with slant eyes and a blue lap apron. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, he mans a yellow tent with a Ginko Leaf logo periodically in the town's event plaza which he calls an "Art Gallery" and sells four artistic artifacts (painting and sculptures) from that can be donated to Blathers at the Museum. He's known to call all his potential customers "cousin" and boast about the high demand and validation of his products, despite if they are true or not. Buying from Redd or villagers is the only way to complete your art exhibit in the Museum. Unlike in previous releases, Redd's establishment no longer requires a password to enter, however buying is limited to one item per player a day. All art is based off of real-world art known by other names. In New Leaf, you must be careful, because he will sneak a fake in with the real artwork, causing the fake painting/statue to be trash, and not be allowed to be donated to the museum. If you try to sell it, it will not be sellable, but charged a fee to disposed of.

Occasionally, Redd may also man seasonal establishments such as a cookie stand during New Leaf's Fireworks Show where tickets from Redd's Cookies may be redeamed for prizes.

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