Octavian - File:New Leaf Octavian.jpg
Gender Male
Personality Cranky
Species Octopus
Birthday September 20th
Initial Phrase "sucker"
Initial Clothes Big star shirt

Octavian (おくたろう, Octarou?) is a cranky octopus villager. The prefix of his name, "octa-," means eight, which is a reference to his species. His name is also a reference to Octavian (a.k.a. Augustus), the first emperor of ancient Rome. His initial phrase is based on the fact that octopuses have suction cups on their tentacles.


Octavian is a bright red octopus with orange cheeks and a cream-colored rim around his mouth. He has six tentacles that he walks on, which, in combination with his arms, adds up to eight tentacles in all. His expression can be described as grumpy or angry, with his eyebrows very low over his eyes. Octavian initially wears the big star shirt.

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