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Name Location Sale price Time Months
Angelfish River 3,000 4pm - 9am
Arapaima River 10,000 4pm - 9am
Arowana River 10,000 4pm - 9am
Barbel Steed River 200 All day
Barred Knifejaw Sea 5,000 All day
Bitterling River 800 All day
Black Bass River 300 All day
Blowfish Sea 125 9pm - 4am
Blue Marlin Sea 10,000 All day
Bluegill River 120 9am - 4pm
Butterfly Fish Sea 1,000 All day
Carp River 300 All day
Catfish River Pond 800 4pm - 9am
Char Waterfall 3,800 4am - 9pm
Cherry Salmon River 1,000 4am - 9pm
Clownfish Sea 650 All day
Coelacanth Sea (Rain) 15,000 4pm - 9am
Crawfish Holding Pond 200 All day
Crucian Carp River 120 All day
Dab Sea 300 All day
Dace River 200 4pm - 9am
Dorado River 15,000 4am - 9pm
Eel River 2,000 4pm - 9am
Football Fish Sea 2,500 4pm - 9am
Freshwater Goby River 300 4pm - 9am
Frog Holding Pond 250 All day
Gar River Pond 6,000 4pm - 9am
Giant Snakehead River 5,500 9am - 4pm
Giant Trevally Tropical Seas 4,500 All day
Goldfish River 1,300 All day
Guppy River 1,300 9am - 4pm
Hammerhead Shark Sea 8,000 4pm - 9am
Horse Mackerel Sea 150 All day
Killifish Holding Pond 300 All day
King Salmon River 1,800 All day
Koi River 4,000 4pm - 9am
Loach River 300 All day
Mitten Crab* River 2,000 4pm - 9am
Moray Eel Sea 5,000 All day
Napoleonfish Sea 10,000 4am - 9pm
Neon Tetra River 500 9am - 4pm
Nibble Fish River 1,500 9am - 4pm
Oarfish Sea 9,000 All day
Ocean Sunfish Sea 4,000 4am - 9pm
Olive Flounder Sea 800 All day
Pale Chub River 200 9am - 4pm
Pike River 1,800 4am - 9pm
Piranha River 2,500 9am - 4am
Pond Smelt River 300 4pm - 9am
Popeyed Goldfish River 1,300 9am - 4pm
Puffer Fish Sea 240 4pm - 9am
Rainbow Trout River 800 4am - 9pm
Ray Sea 3,000 4am - 9pm
Red Snapper Sea 3,000 All day
Ribbon Eel Tropical Sea 600 All day
Saddled Bichir River 4,000 9pm - 4am
Salmon River 700 All day
Saw Shark Sea 12,000 4pm - 9am
Sea Bass Sea 200 All day
Sea Butterfly Sea 1,000 All day
Sea Horse Sea 1,100 All day
Shark Sea 15,000 4pm - 9am
Soft-Shelled Turtle River 3,750 4pm - 9am
Squid Sea 400 All day
Stringfish River 15,000 4pm - 9am
Surgeonfish Sea 1,000 All day
Sweetfish River 900 All day
Tadpole Holding Pond 100 All day
Tuna Sea 7,000 All day
Whale Shark Tropical Seas 13,000 All day
Yellow Perch River 240 All day
Zebra Turkeyfish Sea 400 All day
Name Location Sale
Time J F M A M J J A S O N D

*Only after September 15th
†Only until September 15th

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