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The player can go diving in the ocean, either on the Island or in their or a friend's town. You can hunt for seafood or just swim through the water, but be on the lookout for stinging jellyfish!


A- enter the water, take a stroke, leave the water, speed up recovery from jellyfish

Y- dive down, swim back to the surface

Joystick- Change direction


Several wetsuits are available for purchase on the island.

  • Black Wetsuit
  • Blue Wetsuit
  • Green Wetsuit
  • Orange Wetsuit
  • Pink Wetsuit
  • Red Wetsuit
  • Rental Wetsuit
  • Striped Wetsuit
  • White Wetsuit

The Blue, Red, Striped, and White Wetsuits are only available on Club Tortimer islands.

The Rental Wetsuit is only available as a rental, and cannot be purchased or taken off the island.


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