Cardboard SetEdit

The cardboard set is a furniture set consisting of 6 items. The total buy price is 100 Bells (only for the box) but the total sell price at Re-Tail is 1,185 Bells. Its interior theme is Quirky, and is almost exclusively found only at Re-Tail's flea market. Only the box can be found in Nooklings'. 

Cyrus at Re-Tail can change the colors of all furniture items to different browns.

Animals who own items of the cardboard set include Renee (cardboard sofa), Gaston (cardboard sofa and cardboard table), Big Top (cardboard closet), Truffles (cardboard closet), Katt (cardboard table), and Peewee (cardboard table).


Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color Genres Size (sq) Info
Cardboard bed - 250 Re-Tail Brownx2 Quirky 2 Bed
Cardboard chair - 200 Re-Tail " " " " 1 Chair
Cardboard closet - 230 Re-Tail " " " " 1 Storage
Cardboard sofa - 240 Re-Tail " " " " 2 Chair
Cardboard table - 240 Re-Tail " " " " 4 Table
Cardboard box 100 25 Nooklings " " " " 1 Table

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