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Gender Male
Personality Lazy
Species Cat
Birthday January 1st
Initial Phrase "pthhhpth"
Initial Clothes Blossom shirt
Picture Quote "You only live once...or nine times."

Bob (ニコバン, Nikoban) is a lazy cat villager. His name is probably based off the word bobcat. Many believe he is the first Animal Crossing series character, being born on January 1st. His catchphrase, "pthhhpth," may be a reference to the sound a cat makes when coughing up a hairball (this is further supported by the information on the E-reader card which indicates he tends to spit often while speaking).


Bob is a purple cat with darker polka dots and half-closed eyes, making him appear sleepy. He initially wears the blossom shirt, which clashes with his deep-purple fur. The inside of his ears are pink, and his tail has two darker stripes on it.




The items in Bob's house consist of the Kiddie series, mountain bike, paper tiger, pachira, azalea bonsai, and the capsule-toy machine.

K.K. Ragtime is playing in his house if he has a stereo

Chimney smoke: Flowers

Bob House
Bob Inside House

Warning: Spoilers ahoy. Read at your own risk.

Coffee PreferenceEdit

Beans Milk Sugar
Kilimanjaro None at all None at all

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