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The balloon series is a furniture series found in Animal Crossing. It is a standard series, comprised of 11 furniture pieces, a wallpaper and a carpet. It is comprised of furniture made up of many colored balloons. The player can get them by shooting down balloons that come floating by.

List of items in the Balloon SeriesEdit

Picture Furniture Name Buy Price Sell Price Origin Colors Customization Options Type Size Additional Notes
Balloon bedballoon bedNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredBed2x2
Balloon chairballoon chairNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredN/AChair1x1
Balloon clockballoon clockNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredWall Clock1x1
Balloon closetballoon closetNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredStorage1x1
Balloon-dog lampballoon-dog lampNot for saleGift BalloonsRedLight Source1x1Can be placed on tables.
Balloon dresserballoon dresserNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredStorage2x1
Balloon lampballoon lampNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredLight Source1x1
Balloon sofaballoon sofaNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredSofa2x1
Balloon tableballoon tableNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredTable2x2
Balloon tvballoon TVNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredTV1x1
Balloon vanityballoon vanityNot for saleGift BalloonsMulticoloredDecoration1x1
Balloon floorballoon floorNot for saleGift BalloonsCarpetN/A
Balloon wallballoon wallNot for saleGift BalloonsWallpaperN/A