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The Astro Series is a furniture series found in Animal Crossing. It is a standard series, comprised of 11 furniture pieces, a wallpaper and a carpet. Its general theme without customization is Orange and White.

List of items in the Astro SeriesEdit

Picture Furniture Name Buy Price Sell Price Origin Colors Customization Options Type Size Additional Notes
Astro bedAstro bed3,200 BellsNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedBed2x1
Astro cd playerAstro CD playerNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedStereo1x1
Astro chairAstro chairNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedChair1x1
Astro clockAstro clockNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedClock
Astro closetAstro closet3,480 BellsNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedStorage
Astro dresserAstro dresser3,480 BellsNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedStorage
Astro lampAstro lamp2,680 BellsNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedLight Source1x1
Astro shelfAstro shelfNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & Red
Astro sofaAstro sofaNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedSofa2x1
Astro tableAstro tableNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedTable2x1
Astro tvAstro TV3,200 BellsNormalOrange & WhiteBlue & Black or Black & RedTV
Astro floorAstro floorNormalCarpetN/A
Astro wallAstro wallNormalWallpaperN/A

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